76 Main Street at the head of the Columbia Trail, High Bridge, NJ 08829

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Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Holiday Mondays

Breakfast All Day, Lunch, Baked Goods & Ice Cream



Polka Dot: Winter!

All Polka Dot Sandwiches are made on your choice of our available

breads with Lettuce & Tomato as you please. GF bread +$1 each slice


• Chunky Chicken Salad Sandwich, with a touch of basil on a roll $9.50

• Peanut Butter & Jelly on our Homemade Artisan Bread $6.95

• Almond Butter & Jam on our Homemade Artisan Bread $8.95

• BLT crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes and crunchy lettuce on our Bread $8.50

• Toasted Cheesy Mix with Tomato on our Homemade Artisan Bread $7.95

• Toasted Cheesy Mix with Tomato and Bacon on our Bread plus $2.00

• Grilled Brie with Bacon crispy bacon, melted Brie, on our Bread $9.95

• Grilled Brie with Jam a repeat with your choice of yummy jams $8.95

• Egg Salad on a Homemade Beer Bread Roll $7.50

• Meatloaf on a Homemade Beer Bread Roll $9.50

Bowl of Homemade Soup, weekly special, served with Toast $7.50

HOT DOGS! (Sabrett Hot Dogs on Martin’s Potato Rolls)

• Single a classic with your choice of mustard, catsup, and/or relish $3.00

• Double Dog two dogs, one roll, more protein per inch $5.00

• Cheese Dog a dog covered with our cheesy mix of 5 cheeses $4.00

• Onion Dog fresh red onions chopped fine and sprinkled all over $4.00

• Onion Dog with Cheese just what you think $5.00

• Bacon & Cheese Dog absolutely yummy $5.00

• Deluxe: Onion, Bacon, Cheese everything we have on hand $7.00


• SkyRoast Coffee - award winning roasted nearby, medium $3, large $4

• Poland Spring Water - cold or room temp $1.50

• Sodas, Perrier & Flavored Seltzers, Coconut Waters $2.00

• Hot Tea - many flavors, regular, herbal & decaf $2.75

• Cider - an 8 ounce cup, hot or cold $3.00


• Two Eggs – scrambled or fried, slice of Toast, Bacon or Tomato $7.50

• Egg Sandwich on Homemade Roll, Cheese, Bacon or Tomato $7.50

• Polka Dot Scramble - eggs, onion, herbs & cheese, slice of Toast $7.50


• Extra Egg – scrambled or fried $1.75

• Three slices of Bacon $3.00

• Extra Cheese – our classic cheesy mix $1.00

• Extra Tomato - one slice $1.00

• Toasted Homemade Bread - one slice $1.50

• Homemade Cinnamon Raisin Toast - one slice $2.00

• Scones – old Irish family recipe, available fresh on weekends $4.00

• Buttered Beer Bread Roll - Homemade, warm or toasted $2.50


• Our Own Homemade Ice Cream – 1 Tub to go $6.50

The selection of flavors, familiar and new, varies weekly.

Check out our wide array of frozen

Soups, Stews, Chili, Artisan Sandwich Bread,

Scones, Tea Cakes,

Dessert Pies, Pot Pies and Fire Cider!

All ready to go.

We now have gluten free Cupcakes & Tea Cakes in the freezer!


We do our best to accommodate special diets, just ask.

Prices & offerings are subject to change without notice.