76 Main Street at the head of the Columbia Trail, High Bridge, NJ 08829

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Fair Weather HOURS: Wednesday to Friday 11 to 3 pm , Weekends & Holiday Mondays 11 to 4 pm

Breakfast All Day, Lunch, Baked Goods & Ice Cream



Baking bread is one of my favorite pastimes, right up there with making ice cream. I especially like to make bread with vegetables and I have yet to use that ubiquitous green squash.  I use carrots with spicy ginger, tomatoes with basil and garlic, beets all by themselves, and many more.  Our most famous bread is our Beer Bread.  We use it for both our bread and our rolls.  Using spent grain from the local Highrail Brewing Company right down the street, we incorporate it into our bread along with some beer for a unique nutty flavor that is hard to pin down and just delightful.

We often have loaves of bread, fresh or frozen, on hand, as well as our Beer Bread Rolls parbaked in our freezer section.  If you give us a heads up a day or two in advance you may order most any flavor you wish for pick up.

Usually on hand: Beer Bread in Rolls or Loaves and Oat Bread Loaves.  On occasion you may find Carrot Ginger, Tomato Basil, or other seasonal flavors. Not all are in stock at all times. Just call for the current selection. You can also call a few days in advance and special order any of our flavors. We typically have several loaves sliced and frozen as well.